This is Ethiopian Records, a musician from Ethiopia. I hope you are doing well through these tough times!

I am contacting you to ask your help to spread the word on a crowdfunding I am doing for my next double EP. It isn’t just crowdfunding though, it is an attempt by an East African independent musician to help the creatives around me, from my community in Addis Abeba and myself in a time when COVID 19 has left us all unemployed and in a tough spot – – without any institutional support – while trying to spread a message of togetherness, solidarity, assertion and Pan-Africanism.

I am going to hire 23 creative professionals to make this double EP come true, and also set up a creative space where we work on the Double EP and future projects.

This is an attempt by my team and me to survive while doing what we love and involving the community around us to fuel the project. WEL is inspired by Laureate Poet Tsegaye Gebremedhin’s audio poem Aba Geda.

If you could spread the word through your social media, your email list, your network, your followers, your organization, your co-workers or any other way, it would be very helpful! We only have 6 days to go for the indiegogo campaign.

Also, contribute if you can through this page:

If you live in Ethiopia and don’t have internet banking you can contribute locally through Dashen Bank: # 5164002583001, or Abyssinia Bank: 16564362 at any time!

I would really appreciate your support!

Much Love and keep up the good work!

– Ethiopian Records

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