BeBlocky, Inc., an Ethiopian company aiming to equip African children with the fundamentals of computer science, has announced this week the launch of its latest mobile app, BeBlocky 4.0, with updated features and additional functionality on Google Play. 

Photo Credit: BeBlocky

Inspired by the popular Scratch Programming Language used by millions around the world, BeBlocky uses graphical programming blocks to introduce kids to coding in an interactive manner. Children combine these coding blocks to help their character, Blockys, solve different game puzzles, all while learning to code. In addition, BeBlocky’s innovative use of the curriculum enables children to learn at their own pace.

Since its launch a year back, the learning app has offered a means to teach young kids the fundamentals of coding, and it has been downloaded more than 10K times worldwide and has made its appearance on the international stage as TechCrunch and the Tony Elumelu Forum.

In light of the current pandemic, it is clear that children are to stay home and continue with their studies. With that in mind, the team has developed BeBlocky 4.0 as the next step in education technology with a mobile app that is sure to attract as well as interact with children.

BeBlocky 4.0 is available worldwide to Android phone users only. The app features a free subscription for a single user and has subsequent special volume pricing packages for multiple users.

Check out Nathan Damtew’s (Founder of BeBlocky) presentation at a TechCrunch competition.

Nathan Damtew presenting BeBlocky at a TechCrunch Competition

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