AfrikaBurn Festival – International Event

By Bezawit Shewarega, June 01, 2019

AfrikaBurn is an official Burning Man regional event held annually in the semi-desert Tankwa Karoo national park in South Africa several hours from Cape Town. It’s a weeklong event with an environment of no judgment, full of art, diversity, and fun where more that 10,000 people gather every year.

Thousands of people looking like extras from a hundred different movie sets, wear elaborate costumes and body paint and wander around giving out hot dogs, popcorn, drinks, ice creams and yes, yoga lessons.

It is centered on the construction of temporary artworks in a semi-desert environment, some of which are burnt towards the end of the event. The creativity and effort that goes to these installation artworks is really outstanding. Watching a giant artwork burning is one of the best parts of the event.

What to expect?

Afrikaburn run with 11 guiding principles one of which is that everyone who attends is expected to get involved in some way. You have to be on survival mode as well – it is hard to spend a week in the inhospitable environment of scorching heat, strong wind and desert dust.

The theme camps are something to be ready for. They can be cocktail bars, massage parlors, photo booths and even a swimming pool but it changes every year so you don’t know what’s coming.

At night Afrikaburn changes to one huge party as music blasts from every direction.

Another unique element of Afrikaburn is that there is no money exchange at the festival – everything is freely received or given. You will spend a week without taking out your wallet. Everyone brings anything they want whether it’s a huge statue, cookies or spray paint (literally anything) and give it to anyone with zero expectations of getting something in return.

The 2019 edition of Afrikaburn began on Monday, April 29 and ended on Sunday May 5.