An Angel Network in Addis Ababa

After an initial online talk a few weeks ago, a group of investors has established the Addis Abeba Angels Network. For context, entrepreneurs in Ethiopia state finance as (one of)…

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On digital citizenship

To help the millions here become empathetic, conscious digital citizens, training-or basic literacy programs-could be provided along with the newly provided internet services. Since so many people in the continent are so young, this form of training can be incorporated with school or university programs.

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Tomoca In Kenya

Abiy Lakew Celebrated coffee establishment Tomoca spreads into Africa and opens its first branch in Kenya. The Ethiopian coffeehouse chain has just opened its first branch in the Kenyan capital…

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Think Before You Click (2/3)

Nabil Mohammed We cannot always rely on governments as there are other powers with more leverage, like Facebook, who not only have our data but in a sense, our LIVES, since everything…

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Lesan – A World of Content

Leule Brook  It's a translation service. More accurately, a machine translation company for Ethiopian languages. Lesan AI is a tech startup with teams in Ethiopia and Germany and it’s opening up audiences…

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MSE Resilience Fund, Apply Now!

Leule Brook With the support of the MasterCard Foundation, Ethiopia's Jobs Creation Commission and First Consult are providing funding for micro and small enterprises affected by Covid19. To clarify, it's…

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