By Dibora Samson

It’s been a great five years of romance for Edlawit Tewodros (MD) and her boyfriend. Edlawit who lives in Addis has a fondness for designed cakes. She’s eagerly waiting to surprise him with a cake adorned with images and words of tenderness. Their fifth anniversary is just three weeks away.
“I am excited to surprise my boyfriend with a cake inspired and themed by our five years of love. And I am looking for a cake shop in the town that can put my ideas on the cake perfectly.” Says Edlawit.

Decorated cakes are often the centrepiece of celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Nowadays, cake designers are making unique and visually striking cake designs in line with their customers’ tastes. Their cake shops have become one of the bustling businesses in Addis.

Cake studio, one of the cake shops found around CMC was established by pastry chef Fitsum Desta, cake designer and creator of sweet treats. Fitsum completed her training at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia. She moved back to Ethiopia five years ago and launched Cake Studio to modernize traditional cake designs in the country. The popular flavour in the shop is chocolate custard cake. People can even choose their custom design cake from Cake Studio’s website.

Although the Coronavirus outbreak brought a temporary halt to the need for big-event celebration cakes, it didn’t dampen people’s interest to celebrate small occasions with cakes.

“I believe our quality of service, quality of work and unlimited customization level make us different from other pastries.” says Fistum “we give one on one customer consultation before delivering the cake for our customers. It’s not just about displaying the cake, it’s a whole experience.” She explains.

Occasion Pastries, located on Bole Street and working since 2016, is a bakery that is known for making different kinds of attractive cake designs for different kind of events. Their pastry chef – and cake designer – is Mahder Solomon. Tiramisu, caramel and double chocolate cakes are the pastry’s speciality flavours.

“Our pastry makes various and unique cake designs that made us widely popular with our customers.” Says Yonas Etana, the supervisor at Occasion Pastries. “our chefs have even made different cake designs to create awareness about the current COVID 19 related precautionary measures,” Yonas adds.

Cake City, another cake shop established three years ago has been making alluring cake designs for various occasions from its two branches located in Addis Ababa. According to the owner, every type of cakes is designed passionately in Cake City. “Designed cakes are delivered to our customers at a reasonable price because Cake City prioritizes attracting more customers with quality over skimming to make profits,” the owner noted.

Although the Coronavirus outbreak brought a temporary halt to the need for big-event celebration cakes, it didn’t dampen people’s interest to celebrate small occasions with cakes. “Due to the pandemic, we are not making wedding cakes. However, we made a good effort to counter that with small event cake orders. So we are still overbooked. The situation has been somehow a blessing in disguise for us,” says Fitsum. The same is true with Occasion Pastry. According to Yonas, customer orders to Occasion haven’t been seriously affected by the pandemic yet.

It’s a different circumstance for Cake City, the cake shop has been mainly making wedding cakes. After events halted due to the virus, their demand for designed cakes began to slow. “It didn’t damage our business badly, but customer orders for big events are almost non-existent,” says the owner.
Despite the impact of COVID 19 on larger celebrations, cake shops in Addis are still making their colorful and eye-catching cake designs for their customers.

By Dibora Samson

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