Chef’s Plate – Restaurant Review

By Aisha Jemila Daniels, November 2019

Ethiopia hosts a diverse community whose palates embrace Italian, French, and Mediterranean cuisines along its own, well-loved one. Serving the Addis Ababa community for over a year now, Head Chef and General Manager Eyob Kasshun’s, Chef’s Plate does well in providing these favorites, as it offers a fusion of Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine. Eyob is an experienced chef, with a specialization in Italian cuisine, of 13 years, having worked previously in Dubai’s popular Jumeriah Beach, and the Ramada Hotel and Gusto in Addis Ababa. Chef’s Plate is open for lunch and dinner: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It also offers catering, set menus, and discounted prices for groups.

Eyob was thoughtful about how he designed the space of the restaurant. Appealingly, the space has its own scenery that immediately makes you feel calm and collected. The exterior is warm and inviting with its beautiful greenery, complementary dark-brown furnishings, forest green chair cushions, and sandy colored table accessories. The seating area was sheltered by an appealing dark-brown metal frame. The interior has VIP seating distinguished with royal red carpeting that leads to lighter brown wood, lime green and silver furnishings along with decorative flowers surrounding the seating. Outside is featured a brick stone oven used for baking delicious bread; inside is a fully stocked bar and a wine bar with local and international wines from South Africa, Chile and Italy. Smooth jazz playing in the background assists in maintaining the overall mood of classy earthly-ness that is urban and contemporary.

Being seated, we noticed that there is a button placed in the center of the table to call the waiter if needed. It’s the little details like this that set Chef Eyob’s restaurant apart from others. The waiter took our order using a touch-screen pad and shortly after brought scented warm towels for us to clean our hands. We were first served mint and ginger tea with lemon and rich honey and welcomed with a starter, which all guests receive: house-made focaccia, a crusty loaf served with fresh oregano and basil accompanied with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is a simple, tasty and crunchy delight that melts in the mouth.

Next, we were served a creamy and appetizing tomato soup with beef bacon and topped with double cream. Besides the soup, we were served chicken walnut salad which included pesto dressing, gorgonzola cheese, olive oil, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, green apples, and of course grilled chicken and walnuts. It was an amazing combination that made you feel every bite was different from the last, giving you an exciting and truly enjoyable experience. We then consumed the special of the week, which was the Pesto Pasta sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese and basil. The pasta was wholesome with a very light taste that was not overpowered by herbs – just the right amount of each ingredient was applied to craft an overall great Pesto Pasta.

One of my favorite dishes that I highly recommend was the Chicken Cordon Blue, served with organic mashed potatoes from Shashamane, a south-eastern town in Ethiopia. The Chicken Cordon Blue was served with a buttermilk cream sauce that was mixed with the tarragon herb found across Eurasia. For dessert, we enjoyed the Chocolate Lava Cake served with vanilla ice cream and creamy strawberry sauce. The outer layer of the cake was crusted chunks of peanuts, giving the palate the experience of crunch that transformed into a soft, warm inner layer.

All of Chef Eyob’s recipes are crafted by himself; he takes an innovative approach to the traditional meals of Italy, France and the Mediterranean. As he says, “The secret is on the plate…” Moreover, it was very interesting to learn that Eyob’s menu changes every three to six months to keep his guests on their toes and wondering what is going to come next. Additionally, he provides new specials each week. He gave us sneak peek to what he plans to offer in his next menu, a cheese trolley. The waiter will bring a beautiful display of cheeses to each table to then be sliced to the liking of the guests and served with fine wine.

Soon Chef’s Plate will have live entertainment on the weekends, and with the lovely setting of space with its wonderful food and beverages, that should be something to look forward to. 

I found Chef’s Plate comfortable, classy and stylish, with excellent service. There is every reason to make this one of your go-to places for entertaining friends, family or just yourself.

Photo By: Nebiyu  Sultan

Location: Mebrate Hile, Gerji, back side of Nexus Hotel

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Service /label: Restaurant

Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM , Dinner 06:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Facebook: @Chef’s Plate Restaurant    Instagram: @chefs_plate_restaurant

Phone Number: +251 90 404 8806