The Diva Collection Fashion Show

Aisha Jemila Daniels, October 01, 2019

One of the emerging names in the fashion scene in Addis Ababa, Mis.T.Cal hosted a fashion show at Eros Addis on 31 August 2019. LinkUp Addis’s Aisha was at the event, and here is her take.

On Friday, 31 August 2019, emerging designer Tsion Bahru, founder of Miss.T.Cal, landed with the first launch of her new Diva Collection and showcased her work at “Art All Night” at Eros Addis.

Tsion showcased classic, sultry, and seductive garments, interesting fusion between European dresses of the 1930s and Ethiopian tradition. Her design included a variety of cotton-based, lingerie-like contemporary suits with over-sized single-breasted suit jackets, pin-up blazers, bras and corsets, high-waist shorts, pencil skirts, wide-leg pants, and boho pants. With broad-shouldered, single-breasted and straight-legged suiting, Tsion’s designs embrace the boldness and grace of womanhood underlining the trend towards empowering women through fashion. The entire show was a runway of ethereal femininity brought to life with elaborate accents and embroidery of black lace, golden floral motifs. It was apparent that her intent for the clothing was regality and luxury with black, maroon, gold, blue, and pearls used for their symbolic character: black’s mystery, maroon’s passion; gold’s wealth and extravagance; blue’s intelligence; and pearls’ good fortune.

What’s more, “Art All Night” featured live paintings and artworks by upcoming painters Gelila Mesfin, who provides the opportunity to explore black women and femininity; King Haileab, who does explosive street-style graffiti; Kalab Ashenafi, who explores the empowerment of women and feminism; and Mahlet Birhanu, who uses her work as a platform to discuss social issues and African ethnic identity and beauty. Also, featured was a contemporary dance performance by choreographer Sabii. A cocktail reception, whiskey and cigar experience, and electronic rhythms that took the crowd on a journey through sound and space by Armaghedion rounded out the evening.

An invitation-only event, Art All Night was attended by a diverse crowd of all ages and ethnicities whose response was receptive as the models, wearing black lace masks that gave them a fierce and formidable look, worked the runway in a consummately. This multifaceted interplay between femininity, multi-cultural appeal, and creative design from Miss.T.Cal has certainly contributed to the growing African fashion movement in Addis. The brand will certainly figure prominently as all wait to see how her creative vision fills the voids and carves new niches in Ethiopia’s fashion industry.

Full of rich and vibrant inspiration, Miss.T.Cal is a premium women’s clothing brand founded in January 2019 in Addis Ababa. The name Miss.T.Cal, according to Tsion, is derived from the word mystical, as “Miss T” connoting Miss Tsion and “Cal” an abbreviation to the word calculated. Inspired by the lack of availability of simple and appealing women’s wear, Tsion began her career with a unique swimsuit line the “MISS.T.CAL Mermaid” Collection. The pieces were intricately hand-knitted swimsuits, including crochet bikinis, monokinis, chiffon kimonos and cover-ups. The designs and colors give the essence of earth, air and fire, along with allure and youth.

“We speak fashion, design, and art… empowering women…a diva is fierce, embraces her curves, and all her beauty,” Tsion underlines. Acknowledging that female power lies in a woman’s hips, her heart and her womb, she explains studied the complex geometry of the female body with her collection that showcases short, long and lean silhouettes, playing on the volumes that make the woman look and feel feminine, sexy and classy all at once.

Photos by: Anteneh  Girma, Abyissinia Photographers Hub