Habesha View has announced it will start offering unlimited access to Ethiopian songs through its new channel, Trace Muzika, on its app. The channel, titled Trace Muzika will be available on Habesha View’s app starting from 01 August 2020 with the latest and greatest music videos in Ethiopia. With plans to air the most popular music genres focusing on the latest Ethio Rap, Gospel, Ethiopian Reggae and Afrobeats, the channel will cover music from all the Ethiopian cultures and artists including Lij Michael, Betty G., Zeritu Kebede, Asge Dendesho, Rahel Getu, Sancho, Tsedi and many others. The channel will also have a daily Top 10 Eskista Countdown and an official ranking of Top 10 Ethiopian Songs.

Habesha View is a privately held film distribution and media company that was established in 2014. It promotes the rich cultural heritage of several diaspora communities, history, traditions, socio-economic development, business environment, tourism, and current affairs. Habesha View’s vision is to work with different nations and to bring their national TV content and selected films and programs to the international market. The platform is available on mobile, laptop, tablet, and smart TV.

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