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Three words can sum up everything I have learned about life: “It goes on.” This quote, by American poet Robert Frost, deeply resonates, especially at a time like this when life has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic but continues — albeit, differently than before. While the real impact of this pandemic is still hard to discern, there is no denying that life as we know it has changed. As we adapt to a “new normal,” phrases like social distancing, face masks, and isolation have become new staples in our everyday vocabulary. 

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Hyatt Regency has been a trendsetter in the ways it has adapted to current circumstances. After a brief, two-month closure, it has implemented measures against COVID-19, allowing the hotel to ramp up already existing infectious-disease prevention efforts originally put in place at the beginning of March. By implementing QR code-accessible menus at its restaurants and encouraging domestic holidays with its staycation and weekend getaway packages, the hotel has demonstrated its commitment to keeping its guests and staff safe. At the center of this is The World of Hyatt app, which not only allows guests to check-in online but also enables them to turn their smartphones into keycards to access rooms and elevators.

“Dubbed ‘The Oasis in the City’, Hyatt Regency’s tranquil ambiance and scenery makes you forget you are next to the busiest intersection in Addis- Meskel Square.”

Dubbed “The Oasis in the City,” Hyatt Regency offers a tranquil ambiance and its scenery makes you forget you are next to the busiest intersection in Addis — Meskel Square. While travel restrictions have put a dent in the vacation plans of many, Hyatt’s weekend getaways and staycation packages are embracing domestic travel and offering a much-needed break to families, couples, and individuals so they can unwind and relax at an affordable price. Back from the recent preventive closure, Hyatt has also reopened its signature restaurants with The Kitchen and Cascara introducing new menus.

The Oriental, which had temporarily suspended operations, is also now open to its customers. Now open five days a week – Wednesday to Sunday – the restaurant is a unique space within Hyatt, where Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines meet the West. From Western BBQ to a variety of Thai and other eastern dishes, The Oriental is a place where one can have an authentic oriental dining experience. Live cooking stations are fully functional, and customers can see the kitchen action from behind a protective shield. “The food at the Oriental is the perfect blend of Western and Asian foods. Guests can experience the show kitchens and enjoy their BBQ grilled prime meats cooked in our charcoal oven,” explains Chef Supatra, Head Chef at The Oriental.

Having worked in several chain hotels around the world specializing in Royal Thai Cuisine, Chef Supatra recalls that it was her father who owned a small restaurant in her hometown, who was the inspiration for her career choice. “My cooking style is as basic and authentic as home cooking,” she says. “Everything I do comes from the heart.” 

Chef Amy, an expert Thai chef from northern Thailand and sous-chef at The Oriental, agrees, “The live kitchen makes the entire space different. Through the mirror that separates the kitchen from the dining area, guests can see how we prepare the food, adding to the authentic Oriental dining experience that we strive to bring about for both our walk-in guests and those staying in our rooms through staycation.”

In addition to the tasteful, spacious rooms that span from Regency Executive Suit to Royal Presidential Suit, other hotel facilities, like the fitness center, the temperature-controlled pool, and spa, are also accessible to guests. The fitness center is open 24-hours a day with an attendant responsible to continually maintain and clean all equipment immediately after use and make sure customers and staff adhere to the proper physical distancing procedures. Even the parking lot follows Hyatt’s policy of “maximum care with minimum contact,” where cars can only park in every other parking slot. 

If there is one thing that is constant about life, it is change; life does go on, but how we adapt to our changing realities is crucial. Hyatt Regency hotel is not only adapting to a post-COVID-19 world but is also striving to stay ahead of the curve. 

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