The H Bistro: Be Yourself and Enjoy Great Service

Surafel Solomon

Punched into the row of eclectic establishments along the road leading to MOENCO, The H Bistro is one of the few service providers to open after the state of emergency ceased.

While it is a hopeful sign that more and more establishments are opening up and functioning fairly safely, the sector has yet to recover from the full impact of the pandemic.

The first thing you see when you enter the front area is painted walls and string lights that canopy that area in a beautiful warm hue. Deeper in, there are pallet sofas near the entrance to the main building that serves as the outdoor section of the bistro. As you walk inside, what catches your eye is the bar at the end of the room. To the left, a few tables are facing the TV on the right wall. What I noticed is that there could have been more seats in the place, but the arrangement was intentional. Right of the bat, it was obvious that the place was more focused on accommodating a few customers well, rather than cramming as many people as possible in the space they had. A fault I find in a lot of such businesses.

Ushered to our seats, we were greeted warmly by Michael, a sharp-dressed, humble, and smart server, who is also great with recommendations on what to have. A genuine throwback to the classic waiter, the humble and knowledgeable host. He walked us through the menu and explained everything. We ordered and were served with our drinks until our food came.

We started with a Guacamole that was flavorful and spicy, but not overpowering. You can tell the freshness of everything in the dish. This is a perfect dish to have with a beer after a long, hot day.

The next dish was the Jolof with chicken curry sauce. The rice, cooked to perfection was the vessel to carry the flavor-packed chicken curry sauce to our pallets. As this also came with a potato salad, the combination of the three elements was heaven in our mouths.

After quickly finishing that, we had another variation with fried chicken which I honestly believe the best fried chicken I had had in my life.

The final meal was the pasta with chicken cream sauce. This was a dish to rival any restaurant famous for serving pasta, with its rich cream and bits of chicken and mushrooms covering the pasta but not drenching it.

We were fully stuffed and decided to pay a visit to the cocktail menu. Michael promptly went through the menu with us, and we ordered our round of drinks. The Long story, with red grape, was a mellow and sweet drink that can be used as an aperitif or a digestive. Appropriately named because it’d take you a while to get buzzed. There is also a tangy and bitter version for the ones who don’t want something fruity but still a bit light.

The Blue magic is a bit sweet and mildly strong; this drink is sure to get you sharing woes about foes. Knocks the blue out of your Mondays. And last but not least was the Godfather. For someone that is very skeptical about whiskey cocktails, this is one of the few tolerable whiskey cocktails next to my old-fashioned, whiskey sour staples.

The H Bistro is not called a bistro by mistake or because it sounds cool, it is actually a real bistro. The food, service, and atmosphere all feel a lot more personal and warmer rather than industrial and cold. And this point adds to the already impeccable quality of service. The feeling of being in a place where you can be yourself and enjoy great service, have great food and drinks, and have a great time is priceless. You will easily find the place, but leaving won’t be easy.

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