Nabil Mohammed

We cannot always rely on governments as there are other powers with more leverage, like Facebook, who not only have our data but in a sense, our LIVES, since everything around us revolves around the use of technology.

More investors, more money, more threats, more hackers, more budget.

With that said, Africa is being expected to be the next big growth market because mainly it is home for some of the youngest populations in the world.

That means that the best way to really create wealth in the world is through technology-based and knowledge-based industries.

Getahun Mekuria, Ethiopia’s minister of innovation and technology, talking about the services that account for 65% of global GDP that incorporated tech. 

In the case of Ethiopia, with only one single, stateowned telecommunications company is protected from the competition -for the time being, expectations of digital transformation are way too high!

Movements have been made to make discernible actions:

  • Industrial parks
  • Tech in Education
  • Venture Capitalism
  • Digital Transformation
  • and more

End of Part Two

Nabil Mohammed




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