Hyatt Regency Wellness Center

By Mistre Tekaligne, August 01, 2019

In today’s rushed lifestyle, the need to periodically revitalize ones health has become more apparent than ever. There are various ways to keep ourselves healthy and fit, and the use of wellness centers is one among them. Located on the first floor of the Hyatt Regency is one of Addis Ababa’s most luxurious wellness centers. As you walk out of the elevator on the first floor, on the left is where the gym, swimming pool and lounge are located while on the right is the spa.

I first made my way to the gym where one of the trainers, Asresé, graciously gave me a thorough tour of the gym. The high ceiling gym has a built in air conditioning system to encourage a fresh environment for working out. It has a beautiful view of the swimming pool on one side and the city on the other. A variety of brand new Life Fitness equipment occupies the room. Each equipment comes with a clear pictorial depiction of how to operate the machines, as well as, a QR Code that can be scanned by a smartphone to track information such as the machine type, what it’s useful for and how many calories you have burned during your workout. In addition, the treadmills come with their own charging station, Bluetooth earphones and is connected to the internet for entertainment and exercise instructions. The gym is available for hotel guests and members to avoid overcrowding and there are trainers readily available at all times to assist and consult anyone who is working out. Right next to the gym are two gender specific changing rooms equipped with basic facilities, as well as, a sauna room suitable for 5-6 people.

As you leave the gym, you walk into the pool and lounge area. The ocean blue outdoor infinity pool, which has a frog’s eye view of the hotel, is warm and excitingly spacious. From every angle, it is surrounded by a variety of elegant lounging chairs for the increased comfort of guests. Lifeguards are also stationed at the pool area to ensure the safety of guests at all times. A bit past the lounging chairs is the bar and healthy kitchen, to serve the guests using the pool and gym at the lounging area.

I left the swimming pool area back through the hall to the spa and was greeted by the Spa Manager, Nitikan, who gave me a quick tour and an introduction of the spa. The dimly lit reception area has earthy décor and faintly smells of a combination of balmy essential oils. At the desk is an artistic display of scrubs and oils for guests to select from. The scrubs range from coffee for dead skin removal and detoxification, sesame for dry skin and herbal combination for sensitive skin. The massage oils are categorized by purpose as relaxing, balancing and energizing based on their distinct aroma and effect. A little past the reception area are the three gender neutral treatment rooms with individual steam rooms to give guests much needed privacy. As I sipped on my complimentary herbal tea, the cheery receptionist, Meskerem, talked me through the array of pampering packages and therapy treatments that the spa offers, such as, the oriental deluxe foot massage, couples relaxation, detox retreat, avocado skin delight and a variety of massage offerings. Part of the uniqueness of the spa is that the massage therapists are selected from the best of the best that Addis Ababa has to offer and go through a rigorous one month training process before they are able to start work so as to maintain the standard of the services offered. The spa also offers corporate and membership discounts based on agreements.

I opted for a 150 minute coffee scrub and a relaxing aromatherapy massage. The massage therapist, Martha, walked me into a faintly lit treatment room with relaxing music, easing my mind and body into serenity even before the treatment had started. The treatment began by soaking my feet in warm water and washing it with sea-salt, followed by a 20 minute steam session to get my body ready for the scrub. I settled on the self-heating massage bed, and as Martha scrubbed my body top to bottom with a coffee-oatmeal blend scrub, she explained to me that the this particular scrub is useful for exfoliating skin, increasing blood flow, reducing appearance of cellulite and giving skin a radiant and even skin tone. I followed the body scrub with a quick shower and immediately, I could already see the glow and feel the smoothness of my skin. After the rejuvenating body scrub and facial, I was then ready for the aromatherapy massage. The massage combined soft, gentle pressure with relaxing aroma of the essential oils. The skilled fingers of the massage therapist coupled with the soothing ambiance of the treatment room had me in such a lull that I was practically falling asleep on the massage bed. After a 150 wonderful minutes of absolute tranquility, I left the spa feeling free of stress, muscle tension and fatigue.

My whole experience at the Hyatt Regency wellness center has been one fit for royalty. The entire staff were friendly and welcoming with beautiful broad smiles and soft voices. The luxurious services and experience offered by the wellness center is worth every coin of its premium price. I whole heartedly recommend the Hyatt Regency wellness center as a must try for anyone looking for luxurious fitness center and a truly pampering spa treatment.

Photos: Courtesy of Hyatt

Photos: By Aisha Jemila Daniels