Metro Addis

By Surafel Solomon, June 01, 2019

One of the hottest additions to the Addis nightlife scene, Metro is a breath of fresh air in a sector that seems to be lacking originality. Located in the basement of the Hyatt Regency, walking into Metro you feel like you are stepping into a posh, luxurious cave.

Unlike other nightclubs and lounges that inhabit our city it is not a dark hole in the basement or a blacked out room on a building. The jagged rock walls partially covered with creeping vegetation gives it a rugged, almost untamed, look which is in turn balanced by the modern interior – the furniture, stage and light systems are stunning.

After being ushered to our table we were handed the menu, which included a list of the week round events hosted at Metro. In addition to giving you the description of the theme of the musical performances, Metro’s menu boasts a variety of drinks ranging from single malt whiskey to Tej and creative food items like Berbere chicken wings (Wings coated in an Ethiopian spice mix) and cheese cake. From my previous visits to the Hyatt Regency’s other establishments I have come to have high standards regarding service quality and the food quality, and “Refreshments” are not something I take lightly.

After reviewing the menu several times, I decide to go with a “Long Island Iced Tea” while everyone else ordered an assortment of drinks that would range from rare to unattainable in any other place. Drinks like “Don Julio” tequila and the “Glenlivet” single malt twelve-year-old whiskey, which I personally and especially appreciated, but bourbon lovers can go for the “Makers Mark” Bourbon whiskey, which finds itself on the rare side of availability. The Long Island Iced Tea is spicier and packs a lot more punch than other bars’ versions of the cocktail, with hints of cinnamon and peppermint; it was surely the right choice.

It being a Friday Metro was having the “Love N’ Black 70’s” night, and the band of talented musicians performed a compilation of old school Soul, Funk and R&B songs that had us nostalgically singing along. The sound system was delivering crisp sound and the light focused on all the right places. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. Metro has a diverse range of genres everyday of the week and frequently invites new artists to perform on stage. If the Saturday evening EthioFuturism is evident of anything, it’s that the Metro has become a place for local and international musicians to jam and create new sounds, redefining contemporary Ethiopian music. Chelina, Dibekulu of Jano band, the ethio-jazz band Negarit and several other sensations perform at the Metro throughout the week.

Having expended a lot of energy we opted to eat. The berbere chicken wings were spiced and seasoned to perfection and the fish and chips had a tasty tartar sauce that cooled off our pallets.

We were well fed and enjoying our drinks, the band had finished their set and was replaced by a DJ, and before we knew it we were on our feet and dancing. Caught up in the moment, we had not noticed that the roof above us had retracted into the walls and the moon looked down on us while we looked up in amazement. What was a cave when we went in had now transformed into an open arena.

Metro ticks every box you have, puts in some other boxes you missed and ticks them as well.

Photo By: Anteneh Girma , Abyissinia Photographers Hub