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Despite the growing interest in traveling and exploration, several nations around the world are not easily accessible to the average middle-class Ethiopian. Daunting visa application processes and unrealistic financial requirements are among the reasons that underline the relatively poor international travel experience of many Ethiopians. If you are an Ethiopian with big travel ambitions but are discouraged by these challenges, here are a few countries that do not require a visa for Ethiopians to enter their borders.


When one thinks of Africa, they don’t think of crystal clear lagoons and sandy beaches. And while that would be accurate for most of the nation, there is an archipelago in East Africa that fits the description. Seychelles. It is a place known for its hygiene and hospitality and where many people visit, and some retire. If you do decide to take this trip, there are a few things that you could do to enjoy your stay. The one thing that most people swear by when it comes to Seychelles is the food. Because it’s an island, seafood comes cheap and fresh, so don’t forget to try the local delicacies. Once you’re well-fed be sure to visit Praslin, a picturesque beach with soft white sand and beautiful blue water. One thing you should always keep in mind is that there is no shortage of things to do in beautiful Seychelles. so relax and enjoy nature. (Visa-Free 3 Months/100ETB=48SCR)


Maybe you’re feeling more savanna than lagoon; well, Kenya is for you. Not to say Kenya doesn’t have sandy beaches, but that’s not what it is most famous for. The savanna is so close to Ethiopia; some people drive there. I mean it takes ages, but you could. Kenya is one of those African nations that is globalizing fast but still maintaining a deep sense of African pride. The locals wear cultural attire quite a bit, and the overall culture is very much alive and well. During your stay, you can do things like the obvious safari surfing; you can get a taste of modern fun with some paintball or go-karts. It is a bustling city, and you will not be at loss for what to do. (Visa-Free 3 Months/100ETB=294KES)


Next on the list is Rwanda. Now, the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Rwanda isn’t very pleasant. Rwanda has had its share of ups and downs, and you may wonder … is it safe to travel to Rwanda? Yes, it is! There is the occasional petty crime, but besides that, Rwanda is one of the top five safest countries in Africa. Now that that’s out of the way, what can you do once you get there? Rwanda is mainly known for its national parks. The country has made admirable strides when it comes to wildlife preservation. And the one animal you must experience is the Gorillas at Volcanoes National park. It can be a very humbling experience to see an animal that resembles 99% of our DNA. It does a lot to take your hubris down a notch. And if you are simply interested in nature, you can go on safari in Akagera National park, which gives you a complete view of the Nyungwe forest. (Visa on Arrival, 30 days/100ETB=2,629RWF)


What country is not a very famous tourist destination but still has some of the best historical sights and National parks in all of Africa? Zimbabwe. This is not a country that is on most people’s itineraries. And that is mainly due to its location and also the lax marketing of its sites. We have all heard of West Africa, East Africa, and North Africa. Even if we don’t know the specific countries in them, we have heard those names. At least in the media and so here lies the problem … Zimbabwe is in South Africa- not the Republic but the region. Even saying that sounds odd because South Africa is a country of its own, and when people hear “South Africa” they imagine places like Johannesburg and Gauteng. But there are nations like Zimbabwe that are located in the southern part of Africa. And because they are in the shadow of the giant that is South Africa, they rarely get their locations recognized. But when they do … they never disappoint. Zimbabwe is an absolute gem and a must-visit for any traveler who comes to Africa. One can start by visiting Victoria Falls. Straddling the thin line between Zimbabwe and Zambia and dubbed as one of the seven wonders of the world, it is a majestic, and breathtaking waterfall snatched right out of a painting. Once you arrive in Zimbabwe do a quick search for Shoestring Backpackers. It is a lodging place of sorts that offers camping, private rooms, and dorms along with refreshments and the works. They are sure to make your trip easier and comfortable.  

(Visa on Arrival or eVisa, 3 Months/100ETB=2.7USD. due to hyperinflation, the Zimbabwe dollar, [Zim Dollar], is invalid for travel purposes.)


Now leaving the unrecognized southern nation section and entering the very well recognized southern nations. We must now talk about Mozambique- The southern African nation with a long coastline littered with marine parks and beautiful beaches. This nation is a favorite of adventurers and sports tourism enthusiasts. Its clear waters provide an excellent opportunity to try thrilling sports like spelunking and worthwhile adventures like scuba diving. And because Mozambique was once a Portuguese colony, it has a wide variety when it comes to cuisine. Both in cultural foods of Mozambique and also in the fresh seafood options adapted from the Portuguese. Whether adventure or cuisine be your whimsy, Mozambique is a must-visit. (Visa on Arrival, 30 Days/ 100ETB=195MZN)

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