Solomon Kassa

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the use as well as discussion of technology for the betterment of society, and at the center of it all has been Solomon Kassa.

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December Articles


Dok Restaurant

It’s lunchtime and a couple of us are sitting in the newly renovated outdoor section of Dok, an Italian restaurant located on the busy streets of Bole..

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Khul Wellness Center

As human beings, the one law we can never deny is unlimited wants, limited resources. This primal instinct has led to a point in our civilization where chaos and turmoil rule the radio waves.


MTN Bushfire

The nation formerly known as Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini in April 2018 in an attempt to shed the remnants of Colonialism.


On the Grind

Your search is over. The incline of the small artificial plane may weigh on your knees. You may be faced with a gripping descent down the cobblestone road.


Furniture & Lifestyle

Name: NOR Furniture

Launched in October 2019 by partners Eskinder Getachew and Liz Moran, NOR is a modern, African-inspired furniture brand that identified a gap in the market for high quality, reasonably priced and well-designed furniture.

From Peacock print to Wax print, print patterns on print patters, it is amazing to see the array of bright, vivid colors and patterns used in the making of their handmade products: ‘Arada’ arm-chairs, ‘Dink’ Ottomans, ‘Selam’ chairs, ‘Desta’ throw cushions and much more exciting and beautiful products are in store. Needless to say, the fun colorful & creative styles make the furniture at NOR a necessity for a modern lifestyle.

Facebook: /NOR Furniture

Tel:+251 (0) 93 200 0697, +251 (0) 94 856 9013

Location: 22, around Awraris or St. Gabriel Hospital

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Name: Zoya Electronic Music Party

Since its launch in December 2018, Zoya Electronic Music party has captured the attention of many party-lovers for the uniquely intimate and warm experience it creates. The monthly event which is hosted at the beautiful garden at the Greek Club has reached its 6th edition and is kicking. With hand-picked electronic music DJs, great food and a safe event venue, this 25+ event has become a must-go event for anyone in Addis for a weekend visit or a longer-term stay. The next edition of Zoya is on 07 December 2019.

Facebook: /LinkUp Addis

Instagram: /LinkUpAddis

Tel: + 251 (0)91 176 0603

Location: Currently taking place at Greek Club Around Olympia

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Entertainment & Recreation

Name: Kuriftu Water Park

Kuriftu Water Park is Ethiopia’s leading amusement destination. East Africa’s largest water amusement park, it opened adjacent to Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village to create an ideal tourist destination. It aims to add value to Ethiopia’s growing hospitality industry and to create a unique entertainment experience just a few hours’ drive from Addis. The park covers 30,000 square meters and features a wide range of activities, such as two water houses, a boomerang slide, a spiral slide, a wave pool, and a performance center with Fekat circus Tent within the compound.

Facebook: /kuriftuwaterpark

Tel: +251 (0) 91 109 1185

Location: Bishoftu, 60 kilometers (37 miles) southeast of Addis Ababa.  

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