Ghedion Behonegne, stage name Armaghedion, is a DJs pushing and exploring the Afro-Electronic movement in Addis.

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When considering naming a business venture, a lot of people would normally stay away from the word “Shifta”- a term used all over East Africa to signify bandits or outlaws.

What’s up

Gast Entertainment Mall

Gast Mall recently opened around CMC and it’s the first of its kind in Addis in many ways but especially because it’s the first mall fully dedicated to entertainment.


Afrochella Festival 

Eventually, their vision outgrew party throwing and evolved into the cultural experience now known as Ghana’s Afrochella Festival.



For most people unfamiliar with Design Week Addis Ababa, it might sound like an event with a fancy exclusive air to it that is accessible and open only to a select few.


Beauty and Spa

Name: Oasis Salon and Spa

Owned by a Canadian-Ethiopian beauty expert who used to run a similar business in Canada, Oasis blends excellent massage, manicure/pedicure and haircut services, with a thrilling service quality and customer service. It is also one of the very few places you can use a credit card. I was impressed they made it work.


Facebook:  /Oasis-Salon-SPA

Tel: +215(0) 92 378 5643

Location: The first floor of the former Oh Canada bar

On Google maps? Yes

Co-Working Community

Name: Blue Space

BlueSpace offers a premier workspace experience, whether you need a pass for a day, a dedicated desk for your business, or an office suite for your entire company. They provide furnished and fully serviced workspaces with flexible options along with meeting rooms and event spaces, and lifestyle amenities. The workspace includes an onsite café and fruit-infused water, super-fast internet, free specialty coffee. Furnished workspaces, private phone booths, meeting rooms, courier, video conferencing, airport pickup, printer-copier, and legal and translation services. For a greater convenience of their customers, they offer services like daily jebena coffee, mini-gym and shower, massage-at-desk, food delivery, get-a-RIDE, happy hour, yoga, and more.



Tel: +251 (0) 91 187 3830

Location: Bole Grace Plaza, 4th floor

On Google maps ? Yes


Food & Entertainment

Name: Greek Club

The Greek Club is a fantastic place to try authentic Greek salad. They serve a yummy Nile Perch Grill and Souvlaki with a great variety of pizza. While the interior is a bit old, it is well-maintained. The yard itself offers a relaxed vibe with a wide parking space and a backyard garden with an airy pleasant atmosphere. The Greek Club terrace is where the monthly electronic music themed party, Zoya, takes place with a great selection of artists and fresh tunes.

Facebook: /Olympgreekclub/

Tel: + 251 (0) 11 553 0485   

Location: On the way from Bambis to Dembel, right next to the Greek School         

On Google maps? Yes


Adventure Flight

Name: Abyssinia Ballooning

If you are aiming for an unforgettable entertainment experience with your loved one, friends or colleagues, you should try a flight above Addis’s skies, with Abyssinia Hot Air Ballooning. The hot air balloon experience has a certain extend of positive tension and excitement, with the power to take you on an incredible emotional journey. The approximately 1-hour balloon experience includes full breakfast after the flight, a professional and enthusiastic guidance, traditional champagne ceremony after the flight, full passenger insurance, qualified and licensed pilots, Refreshment during the balloon flight.


Facebook: AbyssininaBallooningEthiopia

Tel: +215(0) 92 684 5086

Location: Close to UK Embassy, in the street of Louvre Hotel

Google maps? No

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