Our beloved Addis Ababa has never been short of artists giving all they have adding more colors of their own to the mix. One of such recent beautiful layers in the music scene is Chelina.

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Fogo No Chão

Everyone in Addis is familiar with the name and brand Ramada but few are familiar with Fogo No Chão, the Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant

What’s up

The Shot Bar

There is a scarcity of choice in this beautiful city of ours. Most of the bars serve the same things in places that feel exactly the same, location being the only variation


Festival au Désert

Sprawled across the sand dunes deep in the Saharan desert in the northern part of Mali was where followers of a fabled Festival gather once a year.


Art in Addis

There was once a time when people were content-enough to have the lousy, third-grade, overcrowded holiday bazaars go as great events.


Art and Culture

Name: Ras Africa

A quirky little shop.

Founded by Osman Mohammed in 1996, Ras Africa is a fashion label that has since been known in Addis for its exotic leather collections of extraordinary quality. Also they have wide selection of Antique products. If you happen to find yourself in Addis Ababa, take an hour to stroll over to Ras Africa to listen to some vinyl, have a cup of coffee with Osman and chat about the art, fashion and music scene.

Facebook:  RasAfrica

Location: Bole, ground floor of Adika Building

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Name: Ariti Herbal shop

Ariti Herbal is a small private business, established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1999, with a license to cultivate, process and distribute a wide range of herbal products for local and export markets.

They are also creators of several fragrant essential oils and blends for use in aromatherapy, skin care, inhalation, bath, sauna, etc. They are particularly keen in supplying a wide array of herbal teas and other health ingredients. Their main export items include essential oils from unique gums and resins such as frankincense, myrrh and opoponax. We also produce other essential oils such as eucalyptus, palmarosa, citronella, thyme, rosemary etc. Orders are welcome from anywhere in the world as we deliver products by courier or air cargo.

Website: www.

Facebook: aritiherbal

Tel: +251 (0) 911 645 303/ 406 972

Location: Mickey Leyland Rd

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Name: Fekat Circus

Fekat Circus, was founded by young Ethiopian jugglers and acrobats. Today it comprises of 30 professional artists who perform in Ethiopia and internationally. Besides staging professional shows, Fekat Circus spreads the circus arts in the capital through its school and outreach programs (in orphanages, private schools and events). Since 2009, Fekat Circus also provides entertainment activities daily at the pediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital. One of the latest Fekat Circus brand is the “Monthly show”. On the last weekend of each month, anyone can at¬tend this extravagant event that is gaining more and more popularity.

Facebook: https: /fekatcircus

Tel: + 251 (0) 91 139 6121

Location: Piassa, on across Tomocca Coffee, down Arsho Lab next to community police office

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Restaurant & Bar

Name: Oak Bar, ‘ Quiz Night’

‘Quiz Night’ is a weekly, fun, group QandA event hosted at Ramada Addis starting from 8:30 pm at the Oak Bar every Tuesday. Moderated by Mr. Zik from AFRO FM, this event has the power to entertain!

The 1st prize: unlimited meat cut with wine or beer at Fogo no Chão:  classic Brazilian dinner with a classical live music by ‘Addis Band’

2nd prize: one pizza two bottles of beer/soft drink

3rd prize: 50% discount on beer and soft drinks



Tel: +215(0) 11 639 3939

Location: Bole, Ramada Hote

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