Dr. Mehret Debebe

leading promoter of change, motivational speaker and author of best-selling books, Dr. Mehret Debebe has been a household figure in Ethiopia the last few years.

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October Articles


BaBi’s Bistro

Located at the heart of Bisrate Gabriel, west of Addis Ababa, Babi’s offers a wide selection of food and drinks in its cozy setting.

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Cascara Coffee & Cocktails

Hosting a rich diversity of cocktails with cascara at the core, Cascara is a unique place attracting coffee lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.



The Year of Return was launched by President Nana Akufo-Addo at an event in Washington, DC on September 2018.


The Diva Collection Fashion Show

One of the emerging names in the fashion scene in Addis Ababa, Mis.T.Cal hosted a fashion show at Eros Addis on 31 August 2019.



Name: Chez Mara

Sitting gracefully at the center of the Bole airport area, yet still offering precious peace and tranquility, Chez Mara is a place worth trying. Known for its authentic Italian pizza, the place has a wide selection of pastries and baked goods, most of which are recipes developed in-house.

Besides great food, the place offers an ambiance like no other in one of the busiest and most bustling parts of the town. With the green area and peaceful silence, Chez Mara is a laid-back place suitable for groups and loners alike.

Facebook: /Chez Mara Addis

Tel: +251 (0) 90 241 3443

Location: Bole, behind TK building & Millennium hall

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Art gallery

Name: Sheba art gallery

Among the hidden gems in Addis is a gallery that offers a variety of pleasant treats for your eyes. Located around Piassa and welcoming art lovers with open doors, Sheba’s art gallery has it all, from contemporary paintings to modern paintings to mosaics and subtle antique decorations.

Sheba’s art gallery gives a chance for different artists to showcase their works and has allowed upcoming artists to share their works with art admirers in Addis.

Facebook: /Sheba’s Art Gallery

Tel: +251 (0) 93 000 0138

Location: Piazza, Arogey Qera, behind Total on the road to Enrico   

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Dance class

Name: Caliente Dance club

Dancing, in general, is known to have many benefits ranging from physical and emotional release to psychological boosts and improvements in social skills. Caliente Dance Club is there to give it all. The dance classes at Caliente are open to anyone from any age group or profession and social background, creating a mix of diverse and interesting groups.

The courses mainly include Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and various group dances offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons at Kaleb Hotel’s 1st-floor wedding hall. While the classes last 3 months, there is also a special dance package upon request for brides and grooms along with their bridesmaids and best men.

Facebook: /calientedanceclub

Tel: + 251 (0)91 163 9332

Location: On the road going from Edna mall to Bole road, next to Harmony hotel
 Google maps? Yes (Kaleb Hotel)

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