Lemn Sissay

This incredible man who started from humble beginnings as a troubled young man searching for his lost family, has risen to become a leading literary personality with 9 books and 7 plays under his name.

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September Articles


The Kitchen Restaurant & Bar Hyatt Regency Hotel

On the ground floor of Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa, tucked away behind the lobby, is a gem waiting to be discovered.

What’s up

Midtown Ultra Lounge

Sunday is not a day to waste. And not to waste the precious Sunday, we had already made plans to check out a new place.


Chale Wote Street Arts Festival

When August approaches, the streets of Accra prepare to welcome the thousands of people that will flood the streets on their pilgrimage to the street art mecca: Chale Wote.


Classic Fashion Night

The streets of Bole and Meskel Square were clogged with traffic, and loud honks from impatient drivers filled the air, but inside the Hyatt Regency, it was a completely different atmosphere.


Dine-in Cinema

Name: Fam Affair

Housing a Dine-in cinema, roller-skating rink & a food court under one roof, Fam Affair is a must visit but also an ideal place to spend relaxed quality time with the whole family. Spacious and full of activities for everyone, the place is suitable for groups that want to enjoy themselves without having to leave anyone behind. The simple and elegant interior is not only appealing with its creative use of space and color but also very child-friendly. Fam Affair certainly is a great environment to take the whole family for an enjoyable weekend.

Facebook: Not available

Tel: +251 (0) 95 110 4787

Location: Around Bole Medhanealem, Gamoo Oromia Building 3rd floor        

On Google maps? Yes

Bakery & Restaurant

Name: Soqratos Greek Restaurant

With its authentic Greek-styled interior and intimate setting, Soqratos gives the original Mediterranean, European standard eating experience. Currently offering a wide selection of baked goods by placed orders, the bakery side also specializes in a variety of pies (with spinach, cheese, meat & potato fillings), as well as other snacks.

The restaurant side also has impressive Greek cuisines such as Greek salad, ‘Mousaka’, ‘Halouni’ cheese, Tornado potato & ‘Souvlaki’ pita to name a few. Soqratos also does catering for events & fairs alongside special orders.

Facebook: Not available

Tel: +251 (0) 93 440 9923

Location: Dembel area on the road leading to Meskel Flower


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Name: Ethiopian Youth Go-cart training center

The Ethiopian Motorsports Association, ever since becoming part of FiA, has embarked on a mission to make Motorsports a more accessible and integral part of people’s active lifestyle.. Go-carting might be relatively new here but a surprising number of people are paying attention to it and its popularity is growing fast. With trainings that include theory classes covering safety procedures, technical knowledge and such basics that could quite frankly be considered helpful preparation for any motorsport activity or even a regular driving license. Other than that, the new Go-cart training center is a very interesting & fun experience for anyone.

Facebook: ethio.motor.sport

Tel: + 251 (0)91 147 5857
Location: Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy, Ring road beside Imperial square   
Google maps? Yes

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