Chef Yohanis

TV personality and healthy eating advocate, Chef Yohanis, has been using local and international platforms to bring to light Ethiopia’s rich culinary history since he moved back to Ethiopia in 2013.

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August Articles


Rotterdam Addis

Rotterdam Lounge and Restaurant is a new establishment located around Bole Medhane Alem.

What’s up

Hyatt Regency Wellness Center

In today’s rushed lifestyle, the need to periodically revitalize ones health has become more apparent than ever.


Harare International Festival of the Arts

A 6-day annual festival and workshop programme that showcases the very best of…


Black Sounds of Freedom: HIM’s Birthday at Villa Verde

July 23 is a special day for the followers of Ras Tafarianism around the world and all Ethiopians who care enough to look back and celebrate the rich Ethiopian history.



Name: Alem Gallery and Coffee

Among all the art display spaces in Addis, it is no question Alem Gallery stands out. Visitors are welcomed by very friendly staff members and artists. Once settled, you will have a blank sheet and some pencils on your table or books and magazines to choose from on the book shelf. They encourage visitors to draw or doodle on the paper provided, as the community at Alem believes art is the best therapy for the soul. Alem also serves as a venue for community events such as the weekly poetry nights and public lectures as well as art classes.

Facebook: Alem Gallery and Art School

Tel: +251 (0) 91 136 1338

Location: Gerji taxi tera, in front of Commercial bank

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Clothing &Accessories

Name: Kunjina

Kunjina is a womenswear and unisex brand that sells casual everyday-wear pieces for stylish and up-to-date fashion admirers from around the world. Kunjina was launched in 2017 and is dedicated to changing the perceived image of locally made products by providing high quality unique pieces. The brand also aims to make ready-to-wear products that promote African art and culture by adding crafted touches. Kunjina targets people within the age range of 20-50 and is affordable for middle – high income customers. Its founder Kunjina Tesfaye is an award winning model and designer.

Facebook: Kunjina.official

Tel: +251 (0) 93 906 3358

Location: Grace Plaza, on the road from Bole Medhanealem to Atlas   

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Name: Enrich Bakery

In today’s saturated service market Enrich Bakery is a breath of fresh air as it provides multiple options and all-inclusive experience. From its variety of baked goods (including plenty of healthier alternatives such as barley, oat  and teff-based pastry to fast food, pasta dishes, fresh fruit juices  and coffee accompanied by its calm atmosphere, it is an ideal place to meet people over breakfast, brunch, lunch or even an early dinner. The availability of its parent company’s products at factory price also draws people while its exemplary service and soothing jazz music will definitely make you want to stay.

Facebook: Not available

Tel: + 251 (0)91 172 1272 
Location:Gurd Shola, next to Ethio Ceramics building      
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