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Since its opening on 01 January 2019, Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa has consistently been in the headlines not only for its wonderful interiors and service excellence but also for the sustainable projects it has been undertaking and for its highly successful initiative to source most of its inputs locally.

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January Articles


Sangam Restaurant

Sangam restaurant is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Addis Ababa, providing an authentic Indian dining experience.

What’s up

Addis Hiking- A Trip to Ankober

Somewhere in Addis Ababa, it was 6:45 in the morning. I arrived at the bus stop in a rush. It was parked next to Axum Hotel with a group of people were standing around it, conversing. I can sense the excitement coursing through!


Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

In July the temperature reaches close to 40oC in Marrakech, Morocco. But the temperature is not the hottest thing that happens during that month.


Diplomatic Bazaar

On the 7th of December, in the early morning chill, there was a long queue of people waiting for “the event” to commence and most were anxious to get in and see what the fuss was all about. So, what was the fuss all about?


Gaming & Entertainment

Name: Addis Paintball & Airsoft

Recently opened to the public, the first Paintball gaming in Ethiopia is finally here! Addis Paintball is complete with full devices, protective gear & attire ensuring safety doesn’t get in the way of fun. Players can form two small teams, or more, that face off against each other in the playing course. The spacious venue is also available for booking carnivals & big events of any kind. Addis Paintball will also be hosting competitive team tournaments soon.

Facebook: /Addis Paintball & Airsoft

Tel: +251 (0) 93 059 1369

Location: Jemo 3, on the way from the roundabout to the new train station

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Food & Refreshments

Name: Green Shake

A cozy stead located at the heart of Aware, Green Shake, has quite an explicitly simple yet sophisticated appeal. Perfect for shake, juice and snack fans, Green Shake has it all from delicious shakes to salads to snacks with an impressive quality.

The newly served traditional dishes are fairly priced with a complementary coffee ceremony at the balcony. Inside, the wooden sofas and fresh fruits give it its homely atmosphere, making it a favorable place to visit any time of the day.

Facebook: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Tel: +251 (0) 99 186 5857

Location: Along Cote D’Ivoire St., on the way to 5 loaves from Ethiopian Women Memorial Square

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Furniture & Lifestyle

Name: Zola’s Playground

Among the innovative disruptors in the interior space has to be this modern man-sized “playground”. Aptly named due to the limitless creative freedom reflected in the work culture, the output tells it all. Mostly working on an online order basis, there are many beautiful, simple and multipurpose items from to choose from.

African wax art is often incorporated into the designs, and the clever use of materials such as pallets, recycled plastic pots and re-used wood are assuring that eco-friendly sustainable practices are given value.

Facebook: /Zola’s Playground

Tel: + 251 (0)91 137 5621        

Location: Around Atlas junction near Noah real estate’s apartment complex                                          

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