Yasser Bagersh

For any one close to the Ethiopian art and culture scene, Yasser Bagersh is not a name to miss.

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The word ‘Umami’ carries with it a heavy load. A term of Japanese origin, it is used to describe savory tastes emanating from different types of food.

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The ever recurring search in your maze of a memory for what happened last night always occupies the first few minutes of someone who indulges in a lifestyle such as mine.


Lake of Stars Festival

Lake of Stars is an annual 3-day international festival held on the shores of Lake Malawi, the 3rd largest lake in Africa.


Ballet Stars Night

When I received an invitation to attend Ballet Stars Gala hosted at the National Theatre on 18 June, I didn’t take it seriously.


Co-working space

Name: The Urban Center

Situated conveniently at the heart of Addis, The Urban Center has been known to a few as a venue with interesting &impeccably functional facilities. The Urban Center seeks to be a hub where the different components of society can come together, interact &make the best out of such shared experiences. In addition to having an excellent venue aptly designed to host interactive events, the space has recently been completing construction of areas that can be used as co-creating &co-working spaces for rent, complete with a reliable internet connection, refreshments &a small meeting area.

Facebook: /TheUrbanCenter

Tel: +251 (0)91 367 9201

Location: Around Meskel square, in front of Estiphanos church, next to Village cafe   

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Name: Babis Bistro

Babis offers a wide selection of food and drinks all in a space with both indoor and outdoor options as well as a reliable catering service. Babi’s Bistro is the ultimate place to have get togethers &small events as the calming intimate setting gives Babi’s Bistro a unique feel and an experience worth repeating. Babi’s Bistro also has an interactive atmosphere and is a place where a lot of socializing and events such as acoustic nights and poetry nights take place.

Facebook &Instagram:/Babis Bistro

Tel:+ 251 (0)94 427 3762

Bisrate Gebriel, Around South African Embassy in front of Azmera Shiro #4   

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Clothing &Accessories Line

Name: Fozia Endrias

Fozia Endrias is a clothing and accessories brand which produces attires focusing on sustainable practices &local sourcing of raw materials, skilled labor &inspiration as well. Its products that are made by Ethiopian women using Ethiopian textiles that can compete in the global fashion arena. The brand prides itself for using simple, minimalist but bold designs along with open experimentation and working with handmade products including hand-made embroidery.

The founder of the apparel company, Fozia Endrias, was named Designer of the year by the Association of Women in Business (AWiB) in 2017.

Facebook &Instagram:/FoziaEndriasClothing

Tel: +215(0)91 100 2352
Morning Star Mall, 3rd floor 305 A, Bole Medhanialem
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