Caleb Meakins

From his wildly popular YouTube campaigns to the Mella Monthly, an event featuring prominent business personalities, to Bake and Brew a cozy restaurant/work hub, Caleb’s name is behind many inspiring projects.

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November Articles


Chef’s Plate

Head Chef and General Manager Eyob Kasshun’s, Chef’s Plate does well in providing these favorites, as it offers a fusion of Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine.

What’s up


Despite a somewhat obvious market demand, there are only a handful of places in Addis catered to the enjoyment of all age groups.


Felabration Festival

Held annually in the week of Fela’s birthday, the festival is a cultural phenomenon that incorporates, art, politics and education.


Hub of Africa Fashion Week

The weekend is at its cusp and you can feel the aura of impending fun creeping among the few people gathered around the foyer at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.


Clothing & accessories

Name: Darago Leather

Taken from the ‘Hadiyigna’ language, the word “Darago” means “going far” and clearly shows the intent of this leather goods brand. Darago strives to make a wide range of elegant and eco-friendly leather-based products that have an appealing look and reliable durability. From wallets to belts, to notebooks and much more, they have it all. Darago’s women’s handbags are also often in high demand and complement different dressing styles, making them great for occasions. With its undeniable quality and reasonable pricing, it is a great stop for anyone looking for genuine leather products.

Facebook: /Darago

Tel:+251 (0) 94 767 0047, +251 (0) 91 141 9837

Location: Bole Atlas, in front of Washington Hotel

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Café & Bakery

Name: The Daily Café

“Anyone who comes here sure feels at home and that is exactly what we want” proudly claim the management staff at The Daily Café. The Daily Bakery has a variety of menu items to choose from including breakfast dishes, fresh juices, light lunch options and an assortment of cakes and pastries. The fresh food and reasonable pricing make the place worth a try.

The Café also has a calm and soothing atmosphere where people can feel at ease. The great setting is ideal for groups and get-togethers, too.

Tel: + 251 (0)91 121 0084

Location: Behind Bole School next to Beemnet restaurant

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Name: Addis Ababa Museum

Although mostly unrecognized, AAM is a hidden gem situated in the heart of the city.

Addis Ababa museum is a rather quiet and tranquil place embodied by the stillness of unique artworks and historical artifacts. It’s dim yet welcoming lighting gives it a home-like feeling providing a sanctuary from the busy streets of Meskel Square.

This must-see museum makes any observer realize the beauty of various lifestyles and cultures. It is definitely a source of inspiration for anyone who gets to visit it.

Facebook: /Addis Ababa Museum

Tel: +251 (0) 11 156 9680

Location: Meskel Square across the Hyatt Regency, behind Red terror Martyrs Museum   

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