Anna Getaneh

Anna Getaneh is an internationally renowned international model and humanitarian. One of the most celebrated names in the fashion industry and in humanitarian work

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Choma Grill

Located in Sarbet next to the Heineken HQ, Choma Grill is the newest venture by the Effoi Pizza brand.

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The Mad Vervet Hostel

The Mad Vervet is a newly opened hostel, that came from the realization that there is a scarcity of options and alternatives when it comes to lodging in Addis Ababa.


Rocking the Daisies

Is an eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival that takes place in South Africa. With over 10,000 people attending the event, the event offers one of the best live entertainment performances in the continent.


Underground Music Scene in Addis

If one wishes to fully understand the current social dynamics in the city it would be worth looking at the underground, pop-up parties



Name: St. George Gallery

St. George Gallery is a short walk from the Sheraton Hotel and offers a stunning range of carvings, paintings, and textiles. The weavers work on site–and if you can, you should pop in to see the looms these artists work on. The looms are simple–and it’s a little hard to fathom how these men can produce such beautiful and beautifully made textiles. You’ll want to take home the pillows, runners, and a shawl or two. The furniture is stunning, too–but I imagine would be expensive to ship home.

Facebook: /stgeorgeartgallery

Tel: +251 (0) 11 551 0983

Location: A few meters away from the Sheraton Hotel entrance (roundabout)

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Efrem Ogbaye’s (also known as “Effi International”) passion for food runs in his family, and he has found a way to bring Habesha cuisine to the 21st Century. Effi realized his enthusiasm for food while growing up in Sweden. He became frustrated by the lack of creativity within the local East African community when it comes to culinary arts. After experimenting with East African spices and European presentation, he found a method to incorporate both elements and create an amazing and innovative dining experience. And, Eros Addis, is where you find all that!

Tel:+ 251 (0)11 668 4444

Around Atlas, Rakan Business Center (3rd Floor)

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Name: Africa Athletics village – Yaya Village

Yaya Village is a high-altitude training center and resort in, located on the road to Sululta, a town just 11 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. The resort was owned by the 27-time World Record Holder Haile Gebrselassie. Yaya Village has a gym, sauna, physiotherapy and massage facilities, restaurant and bar, a children’s playground and a 1-kilometer dirt trail. The Hotel is ideally located with a surrounding area open to numerous running trails. Yaya Village sits at 2,700 meters (8,800ft) and offers comfortable training temperature which attracts both elite and upcoming athletes.


Tel: +215(0) 93 003 4634
Location:On the road to Sululta, and only 11 kilometers north of Addis Ababa.
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